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Corporate Sponsorship

The student EWB chapters are composed of volunteers who must raise money for all projects and activities. LU-EWB is appreciative of any type of support, whether professional assistance, in-kind donations, or direct financial sponsorship. 

Please let us know if you would like to support our chapter or our project and we will happily coordinate our efforts to work with your existing protocol. For your convenience, we have also organized corporate sponsorship packages. Go to the "support us" tab to donate or contact either our President Kevin Hoogenboom kjh214@lehigh.edu or our Fundraising Chair Adam Long awl215@lehigh.edu for more information.  

EWB Corporate Packages

Platinum Total Sponsorship: $10,000 +

Includes Gold, Silver, & Bronze packages plus:

  • Company logo on t-shirts distributed to students on campus
  • Company cited as major sponsor in letters sent to previous donors and other Lehigh alumni for one academic year
  • All LU-EWB presentations, pamphlets, and other distributed literature will feature sponsor logo

Gold Total Sponsorship: $5,000 - $10,000

Includes Silver & Bronze packages plus:

  • 8x11 company logo or flyer prominently displayed outside of LU-EWB office for one year
  • Resume book of selected members and EWB Eboard members
  • Recognition on EWB-USA project summary sheets which are posted on EWB-USA’s website

Silver Total Sponsorship: $2,500 - $5,000

Includes Bronze package plus:

  • Company logo displayed on LU-EWB website, including link to company website
  • Company display and/or pamphlets at EWB table during campus-wide recruiting and fundraising events (club fair, Engineering Day, etc) for one academic year
  • Company recognized for contributions at general meetings for one academic year

Bronze Total Sponsorship: $500 - $2,500

  • Invitation to speak at LU-EWB general meeting
  • Company recognized for contribution at one general meeting
  • Recognition on LU-EWB website