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Local Projects

Right now the Project Class has three different projects that are impacting the local community.

The first project it the Fountain Hill group. They are working with the nearby community of Fountain Hill to restore a leaking pond back to its former glory. They will They have traveled to site and will work with local garden companies to make this park something for the town to be proud of.

The second local endeavor is the Tank Prototyping group. They are working with the Rosa the Rabbit Community to build this garden a permanent 1500 gallon tank that will be fed from alternative water sources. Currently the Rosa the Rabbit Community is relying on the local fire department to fill their small 500 gallon tank on a weekly basis.

The third group is working specifically on campus for the Campus Hydro project. It is covered more in detail in under the On Campus Projects section.

On top of this, each year the Outreach committee organizes several visits to Broughal Middle School to teach 8th grade students about water purification and the world water crisis. Students are taught how the water they receive is cleaned and are then asked to consider this process in an experiment where students get to create their own sand filters. After seeing how well their sand filters cleans mud water the students were challenged to create another filter using materials other than rocks and sand. Through creative thinking and competition the students are exposed to a real world engineering problem. Moreover, students are exposed to water conditions around the world and are asked to consider how different the lives of those who do not have access to clean, reliable sources of water are from their own.