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Current Projects

Spring 2018 Projects

Water Distribution Team:
This team will work with the professional chapter of EWB which is currently building a water distribution system in El Manantial, Dominican Republic. This project will be very similar to the water distribution project we just completed in Cebadilla.

Marching 97 Team:
Continuing the work from last semester, this team aims to design a new practice facility for the Marching Band on Goodman’s campus.

Soil Stabilization:
Using the design proposed from the Soil Stabilization team last semester, this team will create drawings relevant to the project in AutoCAD (or other drafting software), and complete paperwork necessary to implement the design by Winter 2019.

Structures Team:
Mira Valle is intersected by a river three times and the community is in need of bridges at each of these points. This team will design bridges or fords that meet the needs of the community at large.